Sigmar Polke – Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: German Position



13 February 1941 – 10 June 2010
Germany – German Artist.
Education: Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
Art: Painting and Photography –
In Capitalist realism
Awards: Rubens Prize of the City of Siegen.

15 May 1966 – | German Artist.
Education: Akademie der
Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe .
Art: Digital Photography – In Conceptual Arts
Awards: Online Projects – Prize of MoMA – PS1,
Museum of Modern Art, New York.

„Sigmar Polke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Burnett Miller Gallery, LA“
(The German Position I)
by Andrea Rosen, Holland Shelby, Marion Seifert.
116 pp 62 color illus
9 1/2 x 11 inches
published by Printed Matter, New York / GAK Media, Berlin.
ISBN 978-3-00-046644-1
The Pace Gallery, New York, London / Weishaupt Contemporary / Amazon
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View (1): Sigmar Polke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Burnett Miller Gallery. Photo: Burnett Miller Gallery.

View (2): Burnett Miller Gallery LA: Sigmar Polke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Photo: Burnett Miller Gallery.

View (3): Textportraits by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, „David Beckham“. Photo: Burnett Miller Gallery.

The German Position I | See all Editorial Reviews:
Los Angeles Times

Artreview to Burnett Miller Gallery LA

At Burnett Miller, minimalism is never out of style. And so, on the occasion of the Los Angeles International, the gallery is showing three British artists whose work is–surprise!–cool, concise and devoid of decorative detail.

It’s also very good. Gladstone Thompson, Perry Roberts and Craig Wood test the possibility of an ongoing minimal aesthetic, removed many times over from its inaugural moment. What they demonstrate is that while less isn’t always more–sometimes it is, quite simply, a bore–less can engender new modes of perception, reject the complacency of illusion, and quietly lay bare the institutional terms of art’s validation.

Nothing but saturated color enters the picture in Gunter Umberg’s severe paintings. More accurately, if black is the absence of all color, then nothingness itself takes shape in the Cologne-based artist’s sensuous version of Minimalism.

Three new paintings on wood and three rarely seen works on paper, from 1976, comprise this quietly gorgeous exhibition at Burnett Miller Gallery. Umberg’s black paintings hint that they mark out rectangular gaps in the gallery wall. But they don’t seem to open onto the unfathomable vastness of outer space, as much as they draw the viewer up to their exquisite surfaces. Sigmar Polke – Ralph Ueltzhoeffer by Design made in germany

The art of words – The young german artist Ralph Ueltzhoeffer works with typography elements to build up a biographical portrait. Ueltzhoeffer’s so called textportraits are monochrome-photography pictures in a new digital space. The Burnett Miller Gallery shows this young artist together with Sigmar Polke „The German Position I“, curated by Andrea Rosen.

Among the artists Burnett Miller included in his exhibitions were: Charles Ray, Chris Burden, Nancy Rubins, Richard Artschwager, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Antony Gormley, Roni Horn, Ettore Spalletti, Miroslav Balka, Wolfgang Laib, Fred Sandback, Serge Spitzer, Fred Fehlau, Skip Arnold, Sarah Seager, David Bunn, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Denzil Hurley, Richard Tuttle, Glen Seator, Sigmar Polke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Günter Umberg and Karen Sander among countless others. A maverick for exhibiting minimal, installation and concept-based artwork, Burnett Miller often supported work that was not necessarily an easily packaged commodity. His inspirations spoke to a higher purpose of exhibiting provocative and thoughtful work, regardless of its retail performance. Often the challenge in operating a retail gallery space, Burnett Miller emphasized work that excited and inspired him. His gallery, with the crucial support of his wife and business partner Tara Guizot, remained a vital presence in exhibiting vanguard contemporary work, illuminating the path for many of today’s artists.

Sigmar Polke [2014]
[USA] Exhibition Title: A Reproduction of Capitalist Realism Artists Space, New York – Living with Pop.
[USA] Exhibition Title: Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963-2010 Museum of Modern Art, New York
[Germany] Exhibition Title: Das Geheimnis der Verwandlung Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf – Kunst und Alchemie.
[Germany] Exhibition Title: Happier than the Morning Sun Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf.
FRONT ROW Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin [Germany]
SIGMAR POLKE at the Musée de Grenoble [France]
ZKM, Karlsruhe: WELTREISE. Kunst aus Deutschland unterwegs [Germany]

Sigmar Polke [2013]
TUMESCENCE Michael Werner Gallery, New York
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf: Leben mit Pop. Eine Reproduktion des Kapitalistischen Realismus.
Postwar German Art in the Collection Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis. [USA]
Kunst nach 45. Sammlungspräsentation Lenbachhaus, München [Germany]
Standard Escape Routes Standard, Oslo [Norway]
Collection Renard Fondation Beyeler, Basel [Switzerland]

Sigmar Polke [2012]
THE PRESENCE OF PICTURES. German Painting NCCA Moskau [Russia]
ALBERTINA CONTEMPORARY. Statements aus den Sammlungen Albertina, Wien/Vienna. [Austria]
Capitalist Realism Kunsthal 44 Moen, Askeby

Sigmar Polke [2011]
Memories of the Future: The Olbricht Collection La Maison Rouge, Paris [France]
Flowers for Summer Michael Werner Gallery, New York [USA]
Sigmar Polke. Photoworks 1964-2000 Leo Koenig, New York [USA]

Sigmar Polke [2009]
GBB 1999 Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Kopenhagen [Sweden]

Sigmar Polke [2008]
The Philippe de Montebello Years Metropolitan Museum, New York [USA]

Sigmar Polke [2007]
German Video: Joseph Beuys to Today Slought Foundation, Philadelphia [USA]

Sigmar Polke [2006]
Eye on Europe Museum of Modern Art, New York [USA]

Sigmar Polke [2005]
The Figurative Impulse Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan

Sigmar Polke [2003]
Splat Boom Pow! The Influence of Comics in Contemporary Art Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston [USA]

Sigmar Polke [2001]
Burnett Miller Gallery, LA – The German Position I, Sigmar Polke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

Sigmar Polke [2000]
Sigmar Polke. New works on paper … Anthony d´Offay Gallery, London [United Kingdom]

Sigmar Polke [1999]
Examining Pictures Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago [USA]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2011]
Museum Leipzig: „Schrift und Typografie in der zeitgenössischen Kunst”. [Germany]
Willy Brandt Museum Berlin – Willy Brandt Museum Unkel: Textportrait. [Germany]
Installation: „Persönlichkeiten“ Lana, Südtirol/Italien Freiluftgalerie am Gries). [Italy]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2010]
MoMA Projects, Museum of Modern Art, New York, November 12 – Februrary 8. [USA]
“15 minutes of Fame”: Portraits from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA.
Art Karlsruhe 2010, One-man-Show, Asperger Gallery, Berlin. [Germany]
“Kill Your Timid Notion Festival”, Dundee Contemporary Arts, (DAC), Scotland, UK
Galerie für Editionen Lumas, Frankfurt – Titel: “Privacy”, Textportraits. [Germany]
Editionsgallery Lumas, München – Titel: “Man’s World” – Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2009]
“This item”: Peter Hujar, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Marietta Neuss, London. [United Kingdom]
GLOW: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, Nov. 6 – Nov. 15 Eindhoven, NL. [Netherlands]
Lumas, Frankfurt – Titel: “Identity” – Textportraits u.A. Joseph Beuys uvm. [Germany]
Prada New York, Textportrait – “Missing”, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. [USA]
Editionsgallery Lumas, New York – Titel: “Close Up”. [USA]
Editionengalerie Lumas, Stuttgart – Titel: “Identity” – Textportraits u.A. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2008]
Marietta Neuss London, Ausstellung (Slides) Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura May. [United Kingdom]
ING – L´Espace culturel, Mont des Arts / Kunstberg: “WEBIDENTITY”. [ Belgique]
Marietta Neuss London, Textportrait – “Anonymity”, Waterloo Rd London. [United Kingdom]
Chelsea Artgalleries Tomwell, New York – Textportrait – “Missing”. [USA]
Ground Zero New York, Textportrait – “Missing”, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. [USA]
Cafe Europe New York, Textportrait – “Missing”, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. [USA]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2007]
2B Galeria, Budapest, “We are what we are” – Textimages. [Ungary]
Asperger Gallery Pforzheim, Textportraits u.A. Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham. [Germany]
Weishaupt Contemporary, Montreux (CH) Titel: “Anonymity” – Textportraits. [Switzerland]
Raststätte Milano Ovest, IT – “Anonymity”, Public Installation. [Italy]
Raststätte St. Gotthard, CH – “Anonymity”, Textportrait Mediaschaltung. [Switzerland]
Stadt Mannheim, “Textportraits” -Grossflächen-Mediaschaltung. [Germany]
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart (Professur 2006/2007). [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2006]
Montreux, Casino – CH – Lichtprojektion, Hologramme, Textportraits. [Switzerland]
Galerie Marietta Neuss, Berlin – Textportraits: Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham u.A. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2005]
Stadt Braunschweig, Grossflächen-Plakate, “Gesichter dieser Stadt” – Textportraits. [Germany]
Cabinet Gallery, London “Holography” – Lightarchitecture for Virtual-Room. [United Kingdom]
Galerie Lelong, Zürich – “NORWAY” – Titel: “Private Room” (Installation). [Switzerland]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2004]
Manchester Arts Center – “David Beckham”, Textportrait installation. [United Kingdom]
AKV Hannover, RAUM 949 – “BEING PUBLIC, BEING PRIVATE” (Videoinstallation). [Germany]
Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh: “Portrait of a soccer legend”, David Beckham. [United Kingdom]
Ann Anderson Projects – Art Center, Stockholm SE – Textportraits. [Sweden]
Galerie Weishaupt: “Roomdetecting” Translocation – Hologramm – Projektion. [Switzerland]
Stadt Mannheim, Grossflächen-Plakate, “Gesichter einer Stadt” – Textportraits. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2003]
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Galerie Weishaupt, Montreux CH – 2003 (SW Fotografien). [Switzerland]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2001]
“The German Position I”, Textportraits – Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles. [USA]
Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach 2001 (Geschichte von der hungernden Biene). [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [2000]
Ausstellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt: Klasse Ernst Caramelle – Kunstakademie Karlsruhe. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [1999]
Asperger Gallery, Berlin – 1999 Fotografie und Malerei. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [1998]
Multimedia-Ausstellung „Elvira bitte melde mich“ in Karlsruhe. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [1997]
Kunstraum Germersheim Gruppenausstellung, SW-Fotografien. [Germany]
ORM Kulturlokal Rhein-Neckar – Grafische Aspekte im Lebensraum Mannheim. [Germany]

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer [1994]
San Diego “Photography in black and white” (Krupp-Foto X 94). [USA]


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